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List updated on 30 September 2022

Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) is an off-the-record, international event dedicated to B2B and special interest media, taking place on 19 and 20 October at Fabrik 23 in Berlin.

With a little more than two weeks to go to the event, we now have 77 places filled out of the one hundred on offer. See below our list with companies, types of job titles and the countries of confirmed attendees you will meet at Mx3 Berlin.

About Mx3 Berlin

Not your typical event, Mx3 Berlin will have an audience limited to 100 people, with a strong focus on interaction and building international connections in the B2B and special interest media space. No disappearing in a crowd of people you do not know with little in common!

Speakers will have no slides, and session formats include fireside chats, panel discussions and round tables. The audience will be encouraged to participate in conversations throughout (so have your questions handy!). There will be several networking opportunities over coffee, lunch and an informal, light dinner.

For more and to register

For more on Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) and to register, go to If you want to attend, remember we will limit the audience to around only one hundred attendees, so we recommend early registration.

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With that out of the way, here is more information about who you might meet at Mx3 in Berlin.


Confirmed attendees represent companies such as:

1.     AdvantageCS
2.     Agribriefing
3.     AgriMedia BV
4.     Alfons W. Gentner Verlag
5.     Aller Media Oy
6.     ANCR
7.     Ascential
8.     betafabrik
9.     Burda Principal Investments
10.  Cannes Lions
11.  Collingwood Advisory
12.  Create & Translate
13.  CredSpark
14.  Cueball Digital
15.  Deutsche Fachpresse
16.  Di5rupt
17.  Digital Kommunizieren
18.  Dotdash Meredith
19.  Ediciones Y Estudios S.L
20.  Espreso TV
21.  Fintech News Network
22.  FIPP
23.  FT Specialist
24.  Gazzine AB
25.  Grimes, McGovern & Associates
26.  HBM Advisory
27.  Independent (6)
28.  Infopro Digital
29.  InsurAds
30.  Landwirtschaftsverlag
31.  Leipziger Messe
32.  Mash Media Group Limited
33.  Mind the Product
34.  Mondadori Media
35.  MPG Group
36.  MVFP
37.  New Statesman Media Group
38.  Paperview Systems lda
39.  Pendo
41.  PressReader
42.  Speciall Media
43.  Sovrn
44.  Springer Nature
45.  The Dematerialised
46.  The Drum
47.  The News Movement
48.  The Rebooting
49.  Triumvirate Content Consultants
50.  TU Media
52.  Vogel Communications
53.  WEKA Group
54.  William Reed
55.  WNIP
56.  Wondery
57.  World Newsmedia Network


Their job titles include:

1.     Chairman
2.     Chief Executive Officer
3.     Chief Content Officer
4.     Chief Digital Officer
5.     Chief Financial Officer

6.     Chief Technology Officer

7.     Editor-in-Chief
8.     Managing Director
9.     Board Member
10.  Non-executive board member
11.  Founder
12.  Co-founder
13.  Executive Director
14.  Global Brand Director
15.  Global Creative Director
16.  Director
17.  Editor
18.  Head of Digital
19.  Head of Digital Publishing
20.  Head of Digital Products
21.  Head of Content and Client Services
22.  Head of International
23.  Country Manager
24.  International Marketing Manager
25.  Author
26.  Consultant
27.  Futurist
28.  Business Model Evangelist
29.  Speaker and Broadcaster



Their countries include:

1.     Belgium
2.     Canada
3.     Denmark
4.     Finland
5.     France
6.     Germany
7.     Hungary
8.     Italy
9.     Norway
10.  Portugal
11.  Spain
12.  Sweden
13.  Switzerland
14.  The Netherlands
15.  The United Kingdom
16.  The United States of America
17.  Ukraine

Join them in Berlin on 19 & 20 October, but remember, the audience will be limited to only around one hundred people, so…

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Data & Di5ruption Study Tour: Meet with 10+ top-notch experts

This fast-paced, one-day study tour will highlight the best of Berlin’s media shifters, including Axel Springer’s BILD and Die Welt; and Deutsche Welle. The tour takes place on 18 October, the day before Mx3 Berlin, and there are 20 places available. The tour delegation will learn about:

  • First-party data collection
  • GDPR and the privacy imperative
  • Leveraging new platforms
  • How to engender trust in media,
  • Building data-driven products
  • how to build the digital media company of the future

You will hear from some of the most forward-thinking practitioners through case studies from data scientists, commercial directors, chief digital and data officers, innovation lab directors, product developers and other business executives at each company.

And as a special treat! You will have lunch at the fabled Journalisten-Club at Axel Springer.

You can sign up for the tour alone or combine Mx3 Berlin and the tour while in Berlin.

Register here to secure a place only for the tour. Should you like to attend both the tour and Mx3 Berlin, get in touch with Martha Williams at [email protected] for a discounted rate on both.