Our next Media Makers Meet (Mx3) will take place on 12-13 March 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Visit mx3barcelona.com for more.

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Our next Media Makers Meet (Mx3) will be on 12-13 March 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Visit mx3barcelona.com for more. 

2022 event pre-amble

We bring you the must-attend pan-European event specifically for the B2B and special interest media sector, taking place at Fabrik 23 in Berlin, Germany on 19 and 20 October.

B2B and Special Interest media serve a very particular and passionate audience across a broad range of markets. Yet, the sector and its needs are rarely given focus away from other media events.

Until now.

Media Makers Meet (mediamakersmeet.com) (Mx3 Berlin) is an exclusive, invitation-only event bringing together an elite of senior industry decision-makers from across Europe and beyond, to discover the products, services and collaborations that will drive growth and longevity within their businesses.

Learn. Share. Discuss. Meet. Partner.

If you’re in B2B and Special Interest media, you need to be in Berlin.

Hosted in association with Deutsche Fachpress (the German Business Media Association), with MVFP (the German Free Press Media Associaton) as the local media partner, Media Makers Meet will start mid-morning on October the 19th (Day 1) and end mid-afternoon on the 20th (Day 2) with formal and informal networking in between.

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What we will / talk about.

*** General ticket sales have now closed. If you still want to join us, get in touch here and we will see what we can do***

Organised by Di5rupt in association with Deutsche Fachpresse, with MVFP, the German Free Press Media Association (formerly VDZ) as local media partner, Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) is dedicated squarely to top executives in B2B and Special Interest media verticals – across all forms of audience engagement platform.

The world is in a time of unprecedented challenge. Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) (mediamakersmeet.com)  will showcase innovation and case studies, provide high-quality networking and one-to-one meeting opportunities, and instigate debate and discussion. It will give this highly valuable sector of the media industry an opportunity to focus on its specific – and specialist – business needs, to overcome challenges, and to thrive.

Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) is an international event with speakers and attendees from multiple markets. The speaker programme will be English medium.

Learn from industry experts about topics such as


Get ahead of your consumers and customers. Invest in quality content. Learn which platforms work best, for what. Build relationships of trust. Developing products and experiences they love. Be their must-have


Understand how quality journalism generates the data that mar-tech needs to thrive. Get on top of first-party data strategies. Develop data-as-a-product propositions


Consider trends in the diversified 360˚ revenue model, including subscriptions, advertising, commerce, events, data, and tech-as-a-service, and consulting.


Considerations for attracting and retaining the right talent, creating a culture of continual innovation, providing pathways for your best people to thrive.


Build or buy. Get the right tech to do the right job for you. Learn how to take advantage of web 3.0 technologies such as blockchain. Consider what is on the horizon.

What we will / meet about.

Media Makers Meet (mediamakersmeet.com) will be a powerful and effective opportunity to engage with your peers from around Europe and beyond.

Apart from topics in the speaker programme, Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) will provide an environment for problem-solving. For individuals and groups coming together, within a short time frame, to offer and jointly develop insights that will be good for the B2B and Special Interest media sector and your business.

With an exclusive, selected group of senior leaders in one room, strategic networking and meetings will form an essential part of the event. This will include formal and informal opportunities. Get in touch if you want to be a part of it.

Berlin Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

We have worked with speakers from brands such as


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