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Fabrik 23 GmbH Gerichtstraße 23 Hof 4, Aufgang 4 13347 Berlin

About / Fabrik 23.

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In a semi-industrial neighbourhood of Berlin, near the city centre, Fabrik 23 has been home to manufacturers, factory workers, tradespeople, artists and creative businesses for over one hundred years.

Tastefully renovated without losing its industrial charm, Fabrik 23 first opened its doors in 2014 as a place to inspire people and businesses alike. With its seven working spaces, Architectural Digest once described Fabrik 23 as ‘one of 20 brilliant places to celebrate worldwide because it captures the spirit of [Berlin,] this everchanging city like no other.’


Dinner networking o 19 October

After we finish with round tables at Fabrik 23 on the evening of 19 October, we will go to The Arminius Market Hall with its street food stalls for an evening of informal networking and building professional connections. Dinner and two drinks are included in the price of your Mx3 Berlin ticket. You can learn more about the Market Hall here.



Likewise, Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) aims to celebrate the B2B and special interest media industry like no other, looking at its everchanging development and towards an ever-exciting future. The choice of venue complements the type of unique event proposition we want to create for you, our attendees, speakers and sponsors.

With the speaker programme hosted in the Werkloft, the largest of Fabrik 23’s workspaces, we will use other areas in the venue for round table discussions, networking, and meetings taking place in the other rooms. It is a coming-together of a select group of attendees in a special setting designed to make for a participatory, interactive, and unique experience.


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Take a virtual tour of the Werkloft, where we will host the speaker programme.

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