Our next Media Makers Meet (Mx3) will take place on 12-13 March 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Visit mx3barcelona.com for more.

Be / Exclusive.

Media Makers Meet (Mx3) is an opportunity to market to and network with this elite, invite-only senior executive audience, in the European B2B and Specialist media sector.


AdvantageCS is the developer of Advantage—the global marketing, subscription and membership platform for publishers and membership associations. Leading companies rely on Advantage to manage their digital subscriptions, entitlements, magazines, bundles, e-products, memberships, events, continuity programs, product orders, payments, telemarketing and customer service. Advantage provides an integrated eCommerce platform for shopping cart and customer self-service, a landing page design tool, multi-currency, and digital payment methods.

AdvantageCS has been developing software for publishers for over 40 years. With a worldwide reputation for superior software and service, AdvantageCS is a trusted partner of many global information companies.

CredSpark provides software and services to help media brands develop compelling, interactive content that engages audiences; fosters community; deepens brand relationships; generates first-party data; and supercharges sponsored lead generation and advertising. Each and every CredSpark interaction creates opportunities and insights to grow your media & publishing business.

FT Strategies works together with you to exceed your ambitions by delivering a sustainable growth strategy, built upon leading-edge capabilities that improve your customer engagement, retention, revenues and profit.

We have developed a reputation for powering customer growth through creative and dynamic digital transformation strategies from conception to execution. Together we collaborate to realise the growth ambitions of the customers we serve by creating and delivering a strategy that puts your data and customers at the very centre of your endeavours, improving reputation, engagement, retention, revenue, and lifetime value.

Glide Publishing Platform is the cloud-native SaaS for publishers and content teams which removes the need for back-end CMS developers and frees you to make new products and launches much faster. No costly bespoking and wasteful back-end development, or any need to rebuild generic CMS into what you actually need. Instead, just get moving forward with the headless CMS that cuts your costs and shortens your delivery times.

InsurAds, is at the Heart of the Attention Economy. We have created the World’s 1st Attention Management Cloud Platform-as-a-Service, creating Live Audiences and connecting over 1,5 Billion Monthly Users Worldwide by helping over 500 Publishers Partners to Control, Manage and Monetize their Digital properties Users Attention Time, all this while guaranteeing our publishers Advertisers that their Ads had the Opportunity to be seen the time they want, not just in-view for 1 second.

Now, premiering at the Mx3 Berlin, the GXI metric (Guaranteed eXposure Impression with CPM Duration Weighting) and the World’s 1st Insurance for Digital Advertisement.

PressReader is the best place to read thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the globe. Subscribers get access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top publications as soon as they’re available on shelves. And, we pay publishers fairly for all that content. Your subscription helps support the production of quality journalism, both internationally and locally.

Pugpig is the publishing platform that powers the world’s leading media brands. We work with publishers to conceive, design, build and run lightning-fast websites, beautiful digital editions and highly engaging mobile apps. Whether you’re looking to launch quickly with our off the shelf products or to customise our products with a more bespoke user experience, team Pugpig are with you every step of the way.

Media Partners

As a sponsor, you will get
  • Exclusive attendance. No sellers other than sponsors can join.
  • Focused attention. Only one headline sponsor per tech category, invitation only. Register your interest now.
  • Session sponsor. Attach your brand to a particular session or sessions in the speaker programme.
  • Host a solutions-driven breakout. Moderate your category-related break-out round table or workshop.
  • Engage in networking. Join delegates for an informal networking event in the evening after the first day’s activities.
  • Get to know attendees in one-to-one meetings. Arrange meetings ahead of the event using our Deal Room bookings platform.
  • First right of refusal. The right to renew for the next three years, owning this audience and your competitors cannot muscle in.
You will also benefit from
  • Pre-event marketing. You are positioned as the thought leader in this space as we market the event to prospective attendees via Di5rupt organic and paid-for channels and MVFP’s, the German Free Press Media Association (formerly VDZ), channels.
  • Post event marketing. Your information, logo, company description etc. will remain on all marketing material and communication until we start work on the 2023 edition of the event.

Contact us for more and / to register your interest.

John Schlaefli

Co-founder, Di5rupt
Email: [email protected]

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