Arvind Iyer, Mx3 Berlin speaker
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Arvind Iyer is Director of Technology – AI at global specialist publisher Springer Nature. Arvind will be one of our speakers at Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin), taking place on 19 and 20 October in Berlin, Germany.

Below, Arvind tells us more about himself. Meet him at Mx3 Berlin ( If you have not registered for the event yet, you can do so with our special speaker offering giving you 20 per cent off tickets. Register here, using the promo code “Di5rupt_20“, to claim your discount.

Arvind will be one of more than 30 speakers at the English-medium international event.

Mx3 Berlin is hosted in association with Deutsche Fachpresse, the German B2B Media Association. Not your typical event; the audience will be limited to only around one hundred decision-makers.

All speakers will be interviewed on stage – no slides! – with the audience encouraged to ask questions. With fireside chats, panel discussions and round tables, speaker slots are designed to be conversational and highly interactive, providing opportunities for dedicated, specific learning.

In addition, the limitation on audience numbers allows for an exclusive, high-quality experience when it comes to networking and building in-person professional connections. Attendees will be able to mingle and meet during coffee and lunch breaks, as well as over a light dinner and drinks on the evening of the 19th.

Here is more from Arvind.


Tell us about yourself.

I have over 13 years of experience with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Analytical Engineering, having solved business problems using advanced analytics across a wide range of industries over the years. My specific area of interest presently is digital transformation and AI implementations (including Ethics), and I seek to use the latest in Technology to enable the engine of global R&D. I have bachelor degrees in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Law and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oxford, where I also was awarded the Weidenfeld Scholarship.

Tell us about your earlier career.

I started off in core Instrumentation Engineering and Advanced Process Control in an F500 conglomerate that has diverse interests across Metals & Mining, Fibre, Cement, Telecom, and other industries. Initially, my primary interest was centred around Data Acquisition using Instrumentation. From there, I found myself progressing along what is now the traditional AI/ML workflow, i.e. from Data Acquisition to Data transfer and storage. From storage to pre-processing. From pre-processing to Modelling. From Modelling to the Consumption layer. Back then, though, the workflow wasn’t as standardized as it is today, and nor did we have the whole world of Cloud. Thus, we were initially only dependent upon on-premise systems. Over the years, though, things have changed in a positive direction.

Tell us about your current role.

My current role is to work towards our mission to make research more accessible for the wider community while maintaining a high-quality throughput. Within this context, my specific role is to enable the industrialization of AI/ML across all the Springer Nature Group within the ambit of our larger mission.

What are the main challenges for special interest media verticals?

This is a fairly broad topic, and I guess I need the question to be a little more specific. [Ed note: we will discuss specifics at the Mx3 event in Berlin].

What do you see as the main opportunities?

Again a broad topic, but from a technical point of view, that would be Industry 4.0, NLP/NLU/NLG, Question Answering, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, and all the many other general use cases (forecasting, classification, prediction, et al.) we have around Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.


Hear more from and meet Arvind at Mx3 Berlin ( If you have not registered for the event yet, you can do so with our special speaker offering giving you 20 per cent off tickets. Register here, using the promo code “Di5rupt_20“, to claim your discount. Tickets are limited, so please do not delay if you wish to join us there.

We hope to see you in Berlin!