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The AI-based pivot for search engines began in earnest this week.

Stung by the success of ChatGPT and its creator’s closeness to Microsoft, Google announced it would integrate its AI tool Bard  into its search platform.What could be the biggest shake up of search technology, and indeed the media, since the launch of the iPhone, is underway.

It is a virtual ground zero for publishers and, indeed, data and content creators of all kinds. Be part of the conversation and the shaping of AI for the future, or be left behind.

Today we are launching our third Mx3 Leadership report, with this one focused on AI and the Media, Now.

Download our new report with insights on the consequences of AI for media companies now. It’s FREE.

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What does all this AI-driven technology mean for the creators and providers of the data?  Will it empower them to create new business opportunities? Or will the condensed, conversational, and perhaps most important of all, link-free results delivered by the new AI-powered breed of search engines signal the death-knell for how we worked in the past? 

With this latest Mx3 Leadership resource, we try to make sense of what is happening now, to be in a position to be play a bigger part in the conversations about tomorrow.

Packed with insights from media and media-tech experts it’s a highly useful primer for anyone in publishing who needs to know the background to AI, how it has been used in the media and what the consequences and opportunities are likely to be of newly minted innovations.

It also covers

  • The latest AI tools for publishers
  • The media companies who have experimented with AI-created content
  • The tech specialists using AI to create content for media companies
  • The publishing opportunities created by ChatGPT

The free report is ready for download here.

*The independent report was made possible thanks to the support of Glide Publishing Platform. Thanks, chaps!