Charlotte Ricca
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It isn’t just media companies that have had to negotiate the constant treadmill of innovation and reinvention of recent years. Journalists have also had to evolve too.

Charlotte Ricca, who hosts the FIPP Insider podcast and who will be a key interviewer at FIPP Congress in June, attributes her long media career to being able to spot trends and to respond quickly to them.

She is fascinated by the emergence of the creator economy, where fellow journalists have taken their skills into new platforms such as email, newsletters, video and podcasting.

Charlotte also works as a performance psychologist aiding those in leadership positions in the media to understand their workforce and to work out more efficient and effective ways of managing them.

In this interview Charlotte talks about:

  • How changing attitudes in the workplace have propelled issues like psychological safety to the fore.
  • Why media companies need to adopt a new approach to diversity and inclusion

At FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, on 6-8 June, Charlotte will be one of the event’s presenters, exploring themes that both she and her guests are passionate about.


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Here Charlotte responds to our three rapid-round questions.

Who are you? And what is your role in the media/publishing?

My name is Charlotte Ricca and I am the presenter/producer of FIPP’s Media Unscripted podcast, which takes an up-close and personal look at leaders and disruptors in media and publishing. 

What have been the highlights of your career in media/publishing so far? 

Honestly? My greatest success? Still working in publishing, after nearly 30 years as a freelance content creator and consultant. Being successful in the media is all about being resilient, nimble, innovative, brave and driven. I have consistently reinvented myself as the industry has evolved, to ensure I am not only embracing the latest trends, but often one step ahead.

This was how I first got into podcasting. I realised this new medium was an exciting opportunity for media brands to engage with their audience.

Another career highlight – and the catalyst for Media Unscripted – was FIPP Congress 2020. With most of the world in lockdown all content was created online. The month-long virtual event opened up new opportunities for interesting