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See photos / from Congress 2022.

In June 2022, a sold-out audience joined us in Cascais for 2.5 days of intensive learning, networking and doing business, and sampling some of the best Portugal has to offer. Get a sense of what congress is all about:

“It was my first Congress, but I must tell you it was a very insightful and engaging experience. My key takeaway was a perspective on existing and future business strategy. Furthermore, I realised it’s a great networking event where business alliances can take shape. Last but not least, the choice of the city and venue was just excellent.”

Attendee from India

“Truly great conference – perfectly pitched. Congrats, Cobus, on the programme – you are the best, really. Loved the focus on business -valuing, setting up etc., also the Enders presentation. Loved the specialist workshops you developed. Lean into them and push them even further.”

Attendee from Switzerland

“It was a brilliant event. Many thanks for all your support”

Attendee from Spain

“I can only agree with the others. We are back in Cape Town full of inspiration and ideas.”

Attendee from South Africa

“Thanks, Cobus and once again, congratulations to you all – it’s our first FIPP Congress, and I think we’re both assuming it’ll be a calendar fixture for the next few years based on what you guys made happen and pulled together. Obviously, we personally had a great time and met some great people – a win regardless of any more formal reasons to go! But without a doubt, the event has been very educational and positive from a purely business standpoint, meeting different types of organisations and media owners than we might usually do and hearing their problems etc. – it gave us a lot to think about and work with.”

Attendee from the UK

“It was great all round!”

Attendee from the UK

“I hope you guys stuck around for a while to unwind and chill out. You deserved it. It was terrific. Not a negative word!”

Attendee from the US

“It was GREAT to see you and be back at Congress in person and thanks again for having our panel discussion. We appreciate it more than you know, as there is much work to be done in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our industry. Thanks also to Di5rupt for a wonderful and seamless conference – I hope you were able to enjoy Cascais afterwards!”

Attendee from the US