At Di5rupt, we specialise in media intelligence and creating human-to-human connections. We understand that the media ecosystem comprises various stakeholders, each with a crucial role to play in driving industry growth and success.

That’s why we created Mx3 – Media Makers Meet, bringing together key industry partners for unparalleled networking opportunities and collaboration. In 2022, we launched our first Media Makers Meet event, Mx3 Berlin, and followed up with Mx3 Leadership reports covering topics like the economy and AI.

Now introducing Mx3 Collectif:

We are excited to introduce Mx3 Collectif – a strategic partner community that brings together industry technology leaders and media advisors to benefit from various exclusive initiatives and to add their voices to industry conversations.

How Mx3 Collectif partners benefit:

By joining Mx3 Collectif, partners can access a range of exclusive benefits that can help drive your business forward. Here are some ways you’ll benefit from the Collectif.

  1. Exclusive, in-person meetings and connections
  2. Exclusive one-to-one introductions
  3. Exclusive insight via off-the-record briefings
  4. Added brand visibility
  5. Recognition as thought leaders
  6. Extended reach via Di5rupt and FIPP – Connecting Global Media
  7. Exclusive offers via Di5rupt and FIPP – Connecting Global Media

Download the Mx3 Collectif PDF document for more information on the benefits.

How to become an Mx3 Collectif partner:

For more on our audience and how to become an Mx3 Collectif partner, contact Di5rupt co-founder John Schlaefli at [email protected]. Be sure also to ask him about the Secret Squirrels Society!

Join Mx3 Collectif today and start taking advantage of these valuable benefits.

We’re excited to welcome you to our community of strategic partners helping to drive the industry’s future!