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Our programme host at Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) is not not only responsible for ensuring the speaker programme runs smoothly but also that we have as energetic, interactive and engaging an event as possible. With a love of acting and singing and a career as communicator, Rich Askam is the perfect person for the job!

Below, Rich briefly tells us a little more about himself. As part of our “Meet the Speaker (or in this case, Host)” series, we offer a 20 per cent discount on tickets. If you want to attend, register here using the promo code “Di5rupt_20” to claim the discount. Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) ( is an off-the-record international English-medium event and takes place on 19 and 20 October in Berlin, Germany.

Over to Rich…

A little about RICH

Husband and father first and public speaker and event host second, Rich loves the challenge of letting the answer determine the next question and pursuing his goal of re-introducing the lost art of conversation to events.


Thirty years working in the drinks business prepared Richard for life as a storyteller but at the time he didn’t know it! His claim to fame came in 2014 when he created the online personalised Coca-Cola campaign called ShareaCoke across Europe when millions of people had a bottle of Coke with their name on it.

He went on to repeat the trick with personalised marketing campaigns for brands such as Marmite, Nutella, Lynx and Dove all of which lead to an impromptu appearance as a speaker at a conference about digital print, and he has never looked back.

A TEDx talk in 2017 propelled Richard into the rarified atmosphere of a global speaker until Covid hit in 2020 and things changed a little…

An accomplished event host and moderator, his lifetime of communications skills make him the perfect host for MX3 in Berlin

HIS current role

He is a Speaker, Host, Coach, Consultant, NED and Volunteer. He also loves acting and singing…..Brace yourselves! ;)

MAIN CHALLENGES FOR media verticals

The volume and scale of the noise in the universe means cutting through is as challenging as it has ever been. Be bold, be louder….

And the main opportunities

Covid has changed behaviour for ever, look to what that means now not what it used to mean.

Meet Rich in Berlin. We hope to see you there.