The new FIPP and IMC Innovation In Media World Report
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At the FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, from 7-9 June, Juan Señor and his INNOVATION MEDIA CONSULTING colleague Iñes Bravo will be on stage to launch their latest FIPP and IMC Innovation in Media World Report.

Get your hands on Innovation!

Attendees of their session will each receive a free printed copy of the report. There will also be additional copies for sale (as long as stocks last) at the Congress registration desk, in the main lobby outside the FIPP stage where Juan and Iñes will speak.

“After two years of uncertainty through which we published digital-only editions,” Juan said of the new boo, “we are back in print this year and back with a live in-person event to launch this book. And you, our dear readers, are back at work and navigating the real world. The world of media has changed irrevocably in some respects, and there are new technological paradigms to contend with. We have identified six such areas for publishers to consider as we begin building for a better and brighter future.” 

Here Juan touches on 6 Technological Paradigms to Navigate in a Changing Media World. He will share more at Congress, while there is, of course, also a lot more in the new report.


There is a seismic shift coming in the world of digital advertising. 2023 will be the year of the much-vaunted ‘cookiepocalypse’, when third-party cookies on Google’s Chrome browser will be phased out, thus ending programmatic advertising as we know it. Should we fret or see this as an opportunity? 


Ignore the old mediums at your peril. In this case, the humble email, widely referenced through the years as “the cockroach of the internet.” The email newsletter was having a moment even before the pandemic, but it has now emerged as the most versatile and valuable tool in a publisher’s arsenal. 


Audio isn’t far behind in the old is gold stakes, proving to have multiple uses for publishers. We know, of course, about the boom in podcasts and their potential for bringing in advertising revenue. Added to that reliable revenue tool are new possibilities and technology. Could it be that years of digital innovation are taking us back to a place where the spoken word goes back to being our primary medium? 

The past two years have seen breathless innovation as news organisations have raced to launch new podcasts, newsletters, live blogs, instant analyses and more. What stays and what doesn’t beyond the pandemic, and how can this process of change be made more sustainable? 


Keep an eye on what’s next with the new technologies that help newsrooms function better. We are talking about Artificial Intelligence. We go through various machine learning functions that publishers rely on to predict audience behaviour, improve content presentation, and optimise customer service. And we’ll let you make up your minds as we also give you the latest on the NFT craze sweeping through media. 


The last two years have come with significant business challenges. Still, they have proven to be a golden age of sorts for subscriptions as audiences worldwide looked to get news from trusted sources and finally realised that quality journalism is worth paying for. But as the big stories that brought this subscription bump fade into the rearview, how do we keep a hold of these new subscribers and ensure that the momentum toward reader revenue stays? 

And especially for Congress and readers of the report, Juan and Iñes have a visual treat and a study in contrasts to show you. A roundup of the best visual storytelling formats in digital over the past year, followed by our annual roundup of the best offbeat print and physical campaigns we have seen

Meet Juan and Iñes at Congress in Portugal.

And happy reading!

Get your hands on INNOVATION! 

If you would like a copy of FIPP’s most sought after annual report on ‘Innovation in Media,’ make sure to attend co-editors Juan and Iñes’ launch of the book on the FIPP stage on 8 June, from 14:00-14:25. There will also be more copies available for purchase at the FIPP registration desk (in the lobby outside the FIPP Congress stage), while supplies last. Always a firm favourite and the highlight of many a FIPP event delegate, do not miss Juan and Iñes at Congress.