Kristoffer Karlsson, Spotin CEO and Founder

Spotin CEO and Founder: Kristoffer Karlsson will be at the World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, from 7-9 June. Below, he answers five quick-fire questions ahead of the conference.

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Tell us about your role in the business?

Spotin is a technology-leading partner to publishers and brands providing friction-free content commerce solutions. Spotin’s technology provides sustainable revenue for publishers with a best-in-class user experience for end customers.

Our in-house tech enables publishers to retail brands and products of any category such as fashion, beauty, books and others from within their editorial content as well as from a customisable shop provided by Spotin. Spotin provides a variety of shopping features with which publishers can monetize content, gain benefits of traffic retention and growth, and build long-term equity as a digital website/brand.

What do you see are the three main challenges for media?

  • Digital business models for publishers have been limited mainly to monetising site traffic via affiliate marketing and ads, leading to traffic diversion that is causing more loss than gain. Focus should be on keeping site traffic and focusing on creating and monetizing great content.
  • Content makers/publishers are losing popularity and equity of their own site/brand to platforms such as -Facebook, Instagram etc. The technology gap between big tech and traditional publishers is increasing and is requiring new collaborations and solutions.
  •  Preserving status quo and following suit with big tech is not a recipe for success. The user traffic and the attention and time by each user is favouring big tech. Still, many digital publishers are clinging on to click-based business models that lead to sending readers elsewhere, organisational focus on traffic instead of content, and for the organisation to lose ground towards big tech.

What do you see are the three main opportunities for media?

  • Users are expecting convenience and great digital experiences. Content makers are great at building awareness of brands, products, and services and with great tech we can do more to bring better content and experiences to readers by bridging the gap between exposure and sales.
  • Higher awareness and regulations on digital privacy shall not be seen as a threat but an opportunity for transparent services that provide added value to users without infringing on users’ privacy and data.
  • The digital market and digital business models are not set. It is not a mature market even though we have seen large publishers being beaten and bruised in the last decade similar to a shake-out phase. The digital market is ever-changing and there is now a tremendous opportunity to shape the future of digital content. To be bold and proactive in deciding what your digital business will be in the decade to come.

Why should people meet with you at the Congress?

We are at Fipp to offer publishers our content commerce technology that is designed for keeping their and people’s interests in the forefront. Any media partner with content aimed at any industry who is keen to monetise content at their own terms, to keep their readers, and have a close collaboration with selling parties should meet us.

Spotin will help you build sustainable digital revenue streams along with a variety of shopping features that will help you gain new users and retain those you already have.

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