At the FIPP Congress 2023 in Cascais, Portugal, delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives from FIPP’s partner companies.

Here is a quick primer Q and A with Liesbeth Nizet, head of the European office of Mather Economics, which works with publishers on their revenue generation strategies.

Who are you and what do you do within your company?

Liesbeth Nizet, head of the European office of Mather Economics. I’m expanding Mather’s footprint by partnering with European publishers and helping them to grow sustainable revenue through our products and services.

What does your company do? What type of businesses do you help/work with?

Mather Economics is an economics consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. With 20+ years working in the media space, we work with more than 200 companies and 800+ titles around the globe to provide world-class data science solutions for our business partners. In addition, Mather Economics is recognised as a pricing expert worldwide.

Our revenue-first strategy for media companies helps them harness the power of data to maximise multiple revenue streams and optimiae how every piece of content drives engagement and revenue creation. Our analytic teams address the industry’s most critical issues, including subscriber price optimisation for renewing and acquisition campaigns, print-to-digital transformation strategies, mail expense reduction, churn reduction, and digital diagnostic services (including content economics, intelligent paywall solutions, and optimising subscription & advertising revenues).

What type of people/companies are you hoping to meet?

Magazine publishers looking for sustainable revenue growth.

What do you think will be the key topics of conversation around the Congress?

Challenges of the industry, digital adoption/transformation, pricing strategies, diversification of revenue streams

Further opportunities

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