At the FIPP Congress 2023 in Cascais, Portugal, delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives from FIPP’s partner companies.

Here is a quick primer Q and A with Joris van Lierop, CEO at The Content Exchange

Who are you and what do you do within your company?

Joris van Lierop, CEO at The Content Exchange. After a successful career as a publisher for major news brands in the Netherlands, I decided to create
my own business, The Content Exchange. In my experience, publishers can win a lot by working together. Together publishers stand much stronger in the whirlwind of rapid change and innovation, often dominated by ‘Big Tech.’ Together publishers can accomplish more. Within TCE, I am responsible
for strategy, publisher relations and work together with all team members to grow our number of connections and transactions.

What does your company do? What type of businesses do you help/work with?

The Content Exchange is a one-stop platform to source quality stories from top publishers around the world. As a global leader in content syndication, we work with 90 publishers and house over 500.000 stories in 29 different languages, offering great content on any topic. TCE provides all of its customers
with a personalized, white-glove experience at every step of content creation, curation and distribution. With decades of experience in content production and distribution, TCE’s team brings a complete solution for anyone that wants to get the most out of their content and publications.

What type of people/companies are you hoping to meet?

● Editors
● Publishers
● Chief Technology Officers

What do you think will be the key topics of conversation around the Congress?

All aspects in the relationship between human authenticity and machine efficiency

Further opportunities

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Learn more about The Content Exchange here.