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Massimo Barsotti, Chief Marketing Officer – Eidosmedia S.p.A

Massimo Barsotti, Chief Marketing Officer – Eidosmedia S.p.A will be at the World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, from 7-9June. Below, he answers five quick-fire questions ahead of the conference.


 Tell us about your business

Eidosmedia is a leading, global supplier of CMS solutions for media companies. Some of the largest publishing groups, like News Corp, or the most advanced newsrooms, like the one of the Financial Times, rely on our software for their digital and print workflows. We enable innovation across the entire content lifecycle, from creation and enrichment, up to publishing and monetization.


Tell us about your role in the business

As Chief Marketing Officer, I constantly promote our solutions across markets, exploring new trends, innovative technologies, and partnership opportunities.


What do you see as the three main challenges for media?

  • Finding the right balance between digital and print, reducing the cost of the latter and investing wisely on all other opportunities.


  • Never forgetting about quality content: no matter how good you are at the monetization game, is the quality of your stories that keeps readers engaged.


  • Remembering to be a media company, and that there are plenty of tech companies out there ready to partner with – no need to maintain the entire software stack in house.


What do you see as the three main opportunities for media?

  • Proper adoption of new technologies to implement new channels can enable a significant expansion of any publishers’ footprint.


  • Leveraging on analytics to fine-tune offerings, finding the right balance between data and gut feelings.


  • Respect go-to-market for all your initiatives, finding synergies between print and digital, following the “done is better than perfect” mantra.


Why should people meet with you at the Congress?

Because we have tons of case studies and experiences in digital transformation, consolidation and innovation, ready to be shared – a fantastic opportunity to learn from others. Doing that in the wonderful location of the FIPP congress doesn’t hurt either.

For more on Congress, to register and learn about networking opportunities with media, tech and other industry leaders, go to fippcongress.com.