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We are excited to announce the addition of several highly accomplished speakers to the lineup for the FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal. Congress takes place from 6-8 June. Join us as we welcome:

  • Kerin O’Connor, Founder, Atlas. Before Atlas, Kerin was CEO of The Week at Dennis in the UK. During his time there, he launched The Week, The Week Jr and MoneyWeek in the UK and USA, building the business up to 725,000 subscribers across the two territories. We continue to refine the session topics for Congress, but the draft title for Kerin’s session is “Unleash The Power of Your Brand: Subscriptions that Stand the Test of Time”.
  • Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and Publisher, MIT Technology Review. Formerly with The Economist, Elizabeth joined MIT Technology Review in 2015 to oversee the modernisation of the brand. The draft title for her Congress session is “MIT Technology Review: How Digital-First, Multi-Platform Transformation Revived the Fortunes of the 134-year-old Brand”.
  • Colin Morrison OBE is a Director, Consultant & Investor, and Publisher-Editor of the subscription-based, media-focused newsletter Flash and Flames. Colin will join us for the final session of Congress to discuss key themes that emerged from the conference, interpret how they will impact the future of media, and answer select questions from the audience that we will elicit before the event.
  • Angie Byun is formerly of Condé Nast and is now CEO of AB World. A US-based expert with close ties to Asian markets, Angie will share how South Korean content creators have successfully created global demand for their content. The best-known example of this is Squid Game on Netflix. The draft title for her session is “How Native-Language South Korean Content Took the World by Storm”.
  • John Barnes is the Chief Digital Officer of William Reed Business Media. When discussing sustainability in media, the focus often falls on print and print logistics, among back-office tactics. At Congress, John will explain how to optimise digital operations for sustainability. The draft title for his session is “Green Impact: Optimising Your Digital Operations for Sustainability and Positive Impact”.
  • Tav Klitgaard is CEO of Zetland. Launched in 2016, Zetland has received acclaim for its audio and live journalism, all built on an ad-free model for journalism funded, supported and driven by its members. The draft title for Tav’s Congress session is “AI-Fueled Journalism: Harnessing Technology to Elevate Your Storytelling and Impact”.

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from these and other industry leaders. 

Take advantage of our current discounted special offers on Congress tickets: groups of 5+ people can register up to 1 February at the current discounted rate, and individuals up to 14 February before prices go up. 

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