FIPP World Media Congress
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Once signed up for the FIPP World Media Congress 2023, below are some ideas to help you start thinking about making the most of your conference experience.

Congress takes place on 6-8 June 2023 in Cascais (on the outskirts of Lisbon), Portugal. We currently have two discounted offers available:

  • For groups (5+ people): ends 1 February
  • For individuals: ends 14 February


Below are some ideas on how to optimise your overall experience.

We build Congress on mainly three pillars:

  • Learning: A programme designed to create light-bulb moments, along with opportunities to discuss insights and ideas with other attendees;
  • Networking: Formal and informal opportunities to discuss business, collaborations and doing business deals. It also provides opportunities for meeting new people and refreshing and building your professional network; and
  • Experience: Apart from Congress itself, leaving opportunities for add-on experiences, whether that’s walking meetings, booking short excursions with colleagues, or adding on a few days around the event for exploration to recharge before returning to the office.

Once you have signed up for Congress, the next job is to think about making the most of the opportunity. Here are seven ideas.

  • Set your goals: What do you want to accomplish at the conference? Consider the learning experience, meetings, collaboration, and business opportunities to investigate.
  • Plan your schedule: When to overall conference schedule goes live, review the speaker sessions, the opportunities available to meet and network, and free delegate time available to do your own thing with or without other colleagues.
  • Keep track: Speakers share a great many insights at Congress. Plan how you will keep track of live sessions at the conference and what you would like to do afterwards (we will have recordings of sessions in an on-demand video library).
  • Networking: Networking is critical to help you achieve your ROI for attending the event. See when and what opportunities are available, and consider or even arrange meetings in advance (we will have a meetings booking platform for Congress).
  • Follow up: Schedule time to reconnect post-Congress as part of your planning for the event. Send a quick follow-up message with a reminder of what you talked about at the event, and take it from there.
  • Reflect: Schedule time post-Congress to reflect on lessons shared, refining knowledge and insights gained to apply them in your planning and daily work.
  • Have fun: Congress is about the overall experience. While the business side of the conference is most important, attending the event allows you to step back a little from the daily grind and recharge your batteries. Use what Cascais has to offer to add value to your overall experience.

Book your discounted Congress place now before our special offers end.