Di5rupt, the organizer of the annual FIPP Congress, is proud to release its latest Mx3 Leadership report, Media for interest-based communities – updates from the FIPP World Media Congress 2023.

The event featured presentations from many of the world’s leading publishers and platforms, including TMB, SJC Media, and others – as well as leading commentators including Rafat Ali, CEO of Skift and Richard Lee, CIO of the Media Lens Group.

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Topics covered in-depth include why niche media is on trend once more, the success of personalised media (podcasts and email newsletters) and emerging monetisation strategies

As a bonus to readers who couldn’t attend the event, the report also includes links to six full Congress presentations (via the Congress On Demand Video Hub):

  • Tav Klitgaard CEO, Good Tape and Zetland
  • Richard Lee, Chief Integration Officer, The News Lens Group
  • Rafat Ali, CEO of Skift
  • Juan Señor, President, Innovation Media Consulting
  • Reid DeRamus Growth, Substack
  • Jacob Donnelly, Publisher, Morning Brew
  •  Ileana Grabitz Head of Politics, Economics and Society, Zeit Online
  • Lance Johnson Executive Investor, former CEO, Recurrent Ventures
  • Bonnie Kintzer CEO, Trusted Media Brands
  • Jacqueline Loch EVP Social and Emerging Platforms, SJC Media
  • Dom Needler Head of Operations,, Gfinity
  • Kerrin O’Connor Founder and CEO, Atlas
  • Damian Radcliffe Professor in Journalism at University of Oregon and Columbia University

Click here to access the report