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Is Google losing its grip on the news discovery market as Gen Zers turn to TikTok and Instagram instead?

Tiktok Search Engine

TikTok’s algorithm and user-generated content make it a personalized and trustworthy source of information. Some experts predict that TikTok may even surpass Google as the go-to source for information among Gen Zers.

A recent report from Morning Consult suggests that Google Search is no longer the preferred platform for younger consumers, as 14% of Gen Z adults turn to TikTok to start researching major news events. This is significantly higher than the 2% of all adults who do the same. The report highlights the importance of publishers embracing TikTok and Instagram to reach Gen Zers, as traditional search platforms become less favoured.


While Google Search remains the starting point for news research for 39% of Gen Z adults, publishers must adapt to the changing habits of younger consumers to increase their chances of counting them as paying subscribers. This means distributing more compelling content beyond their websites and establishing a strong presence on platforms such as TikTok.

France – “The news guy” Hugo Décrypte is reaching more people than any other media with his Gen-Z news recap


Across all platforms, the 24 years-old is reaching more than 7 million people


Hugo Décrypte is a unique news figure in the French-speaking world.

In the market study Yoof Agency carried out for La Voix du Nord, we found out that Hugo Décrypte was the primary source of information for more than 95% of the sample (500 teenagers living in the north of France).

What is it? Hugo Décrypte

As the name suggests Hugo is decrypting mainstream media news content to inform the French youth about the events In France and beyond. It all started as a Political overview, which helped the youth navigate and understand political parties, and presidential candidates and make up their minds on who to support.

It quickly expanded to global news coverage on Youtube, later on, Instagram and TikTok. You must be where your audience is.

What does he do?

Hugo Décrypte has mastered the art of breaking complex topics into very straightforward visual bullet point presentations.

  • He is challenging conventional topics and encourages his audience to think critically and form their own opinions.
  • Instagram consists of IG shorts as well as recaps of the affair summary – more general ideas of “this has happened”
  • Fresh content with the daily posts keeps the audience up to day with the most essential information


  • Produces longer format videos on YouTube which are around 10 minutes long, something that you can without much commitment and focus, but more in-depth than the social media feed – often a follow up (a more informative look of the coverage of the Instagram posts)

What is unique?

  • Hugo Décrypte is an idea more than it is a platform, he shifts with the flow of the audience, from Youtube – Instagram – Tik Tok – Podcast.
  • There is no unique information, no investigative discoveries or extremely detailed explanations, but general laconic coverage of the things that make an impact.
  • Hugo Décrypte shows how one’s life is connected to what is happening in the world: if you have a student loan – this affects you, if you shop for groceries – this will interest you, if you’re applying for the university this is essential, if you’re a curious human being – you will like that.

Call for action?

Media brands and publishers tend to overthink and over plan their presence on social media which often leads to more planning than acting. Everyone has access to information today, but it no longer has sustainable value, when it comes to social media. Generation Z cares for unique perspectives on familiar topics and in a concise and even comic way, entertainment is a new education.

NEWS DADDY – With its 5.6 million followers on TikTok Dylan Page is sharing the latest news in a very laconic format

No newsroom and yet one of the most popular journalistic channels on TikTok

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What is it? Dylan.Page

A South African living in the UK Dylan Page is 24 years old Tik Tok news influencer. Dylan, who calls himself ‘News daddy’ started with no real journalistic background in 2020 just covering light news topics in under a minute and has grown his audience up to over 5,6 Million followers on Tik Tok today. is not the first influencer, to reach such highs, but it is ‘a cold shower’ for the media Moguls, as it seems he has mastered the art of communicating News to the youth.

What does he do?

Dylan’s videos on TikTok cover current events and news topics in a laconic manner. Everything from the recent Train crash in Greece to educational content about how the plants breathe might be covered by the host. He is engaging in an ‘interesting things about the world’ content production style.

What is unique?

Dylan’s page is a textbook example of educational journalism content on social media. At the first look it might seem like a superficial way of presenting facts, but when it comes to the audience he has managed to gather it is phenomenal. This storytelling format is not a mystery anymore, social media is built on quick-snackable content, whether it is entertainment or news.

So what?

How can legacy media use some of the know-how of the Gen-Z news faces?

  • does not have a newsroom, research team or editorial department – it is no longer required, format and placement are all that matters

Call to action:

There seems to be no barrier for legacy media to jump on the bandwagon and be present on social media (including Tik Tok).

So now, let’s connect the dots


As younger generations increasingly rely on social media for news and information, Google is relaxing its stance in the news industry. This shift should encourage anyone looking to engage with younger audiences to focus on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. and Hugo Décrypte demonstrate that the lack of resources is not what hinders news channels from establishing a presence on social media sites. Rather, it is often a reluctance to embrace these platforms and an inclination towards overthinking and overcomplicating matters that holds media brands back.


Who are we?

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