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This is your opportunity to learn from top global media leaders on how and where they plan to innovate – from revenue to journalism models to collaborative partnerships and more…

One good thing that came out of the Covid-19 pandemic was that it forced media companies to rethink their business models, accelerate innovative plans that were perhaps on the back burner, and pivot to new products and services to survive — even thrive! This must not stop.

Therefore, innovation will be one of the critical topics of discussion for the 44th FIPP World Media Congress – back live and in-person for the first time since 2019. Congress takes place in Cascais, on the outskirts of Lisbon, from 7-9 June.

***Our Early Bird offer ends on Wednesday, 27 April.

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Here is some of what you can expect at Congress…

Arnaud de Puyfontaine at Vivendi, Ralph Büchi at Axel Springer and Alysia Borsa at Dotdash Meredith will explain where they see the need for continued media innovation.

The Rebooting‘s Brian Morrissey will discuss “Primary-engagement publishing – a shift towards focused brands, often built by individuals, with real connections to communities.”

INNOVATION Media Consulting’s Juan Señor and Iñes Bravo will launch the annual FIPP and IMC Innovation in Media World Report at Congress. They will discuss many of the most innovative journalism and monetisation cases worldwide to inspire you.

Ciara Byrne at Condé Nast and Ross Sleight at Somo will share how consumer behaviour is changing and where you will need to go to meet your audiences of tomorrow.

FT Strategies‘ Lisa Macleod will talk about the innovation required to ensure quality journalism stays commercially sustainable. Former Dow Jones exec and now Tortoise Media co-founder Katie Vanneck-Smith will talk about how Tortoise slowed down news but accelerated audio and membership.

***On 7 June, we will host a First Party Data Strategies seminar (more here) and Congress networking drinks. For Congress, see Day 1 (8 June) and Day 2 (9 June) of the speaker for all the speakers and topics. The list of speakers, as it stands, is here. Register to attend here – remember, our Early Bird offer ends tomorrow, 27 April***

Three publishers from India, Srini Balasubramanian at Ananda Vikatan, Manoj Sharma at India Today Group, and Anant Nath at Delhi Press, will explain how the industry innovated its way out of pandemic-related challenges. They will discuss what they learned from this collaborative approach to innovation and what it means for the future.

South Africa’s media sector was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Media24‘s Minette Ferreira and Nerisa Coetzee will shed light on an innovative new publishing model adopted by the company and how it will help them remain nimble. Staying in Africa, Nigerian media entrepreneur Nkiru Balonwu will talk about innovative initiatives to better leverage African content to build audiences on the continent and abroad.

We will have a session on using Artificial Intelligence and other techniques to add value to your magazine through its cover. Mr Magazine Samir Husni will interview Barnes & Noble‘s Krifka Steffey and Cover Rocket‘s Alan Centofante about this.

But wait, there’s more…

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  • On 7 June, we will host a First Party Data Strategies seminar (more here) and Congress networking drinks.
  • See Day 1 (8 June) and Day 2 (9 June) for all Congress speakers and topics.
  • Register to attend here – remember, our Early Bird offer ends tomorrow, 27 April