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Nothing beats hearing news and views first-hand. Congress is your opportunity to hear from the experts directly.

We have 70 speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and ideas across a range of topics, about all types of media and from all corners of the globe.

Below is a taster of who’s talking in Cascais on 7-9 June.

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See below more about some of the speakers you will meet at Congress.

Arnaud De Puyfontaine

Arnaud De Puyfontaine

Vivendi is a global leader in culture, entertainment, media and communications with TV and cinema, advertising, magazines, books, video games, video hosting services and more. Hear from CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine about how the group performed through the past two years, the micro and macro trends he sees for the wider media industry through to 2025, and how Vivendi will continue transforming its activities to face the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

Lucy Kueng


Growth is now the big strategic goal for many media firms. The past couple of years delivered a welcome (and unexpected) boost, but that expansion was trigged by an exceptional set of circumstances. Growth from here will need different strategies, different levers. But what should they be? This session examines the options for growth – ranging from spurring faster organic growth to moving into new products, services, even sectors. Who is doing what well, and what works best when? And what muscles are needed – from competencies to culture – to deliver on growth strategies?


Tom Armstrong

Tom Armstrong
The New York Times

With ambitions to reach 15 million subscribers, The New York Times aims to be the essential subscription for every curious person. From news to cooking to games to sports — The Times has tapped into digital innovation and leveraged an innovative ad ecosystem to support its transformation into a diversified media company with curious readers, listeners and viewers around the globe.

Chloe Combi
Chloe Combi
Author, Speaker, Columnist, Consultant and Futurist

The pandemic has completely altered how we see work globally – both for those who have been in the workplace for a long time and for those just entering it.

Generation Z in the workplace has been a major source of curiosity for a long time now, as this much-talked about generation comes of professional age. But it is about more than one generation., In this session, we will focus on how different generations can get the most out of each other, what younger generations’ expectations and needs in the workplace are, and why a post-Covid world has created a golden moment to maximise productivity, harmony and meet the needs of everyone from the newest to most experienced in your workplace.

acqueline Loch 

Jacqueline Loch
SJC Content

Discover how Canada’s largest English language publishing company and content studio approaches revenue generation and content integrations for some of its most iconic brands.

This presentation reveals how the customer journey has changed along with best practices for brands that have made the switch to direct-to-consumer e-commerce and mobile platforms. This session is packed with examples of content that converts across platforms and strategies including magazine brand integrations, Amazon, e-commerce portals, retail e-stores, websites, SEO and MarTech apps.

Will Page
Will Page  
Author of Tarzan Economics, former Chief Economist of Spotify and PRS for Music, and Fellow at the London School of Economics

Will will take us through what he sees as the macro and micro trends set to impact on global media and discuss the challenges he sees for publishers to develop subscriptions businesses similar in scope to streaming platforms. He shares where he believes publishers have gone wrong in the past, how they should fix it, and what they should prepare for next.

Nkiru Balonwu
Nkiru Balonwu
The Africa Soft Power Project

For years, Africa has been touted as the final frontier of international media expansion. But despite the lofty words, media and tech brands are still struggling to turn them into action. So, what is the secret to successfully leveraging African content? Both on and from the continent?

Former Spinlet CEO and now Creative Director of The Africa Soft Power Project (ASP), Nkiru Balonwu, will look at some of the obstacles facing brands in attaining success in Africa, as well as how African contentcan be effectively created and leveraged for global audiences.

Srini Balasubramanian,Vikatan Group • Manoj Sharma, India Today Group • Anant Nath, The Caravan

Magazine publishers collaborated during the pandemic to evolve a set of innovative collective initiatives for addressing some of the deep structural issues the sector had been facing with respect to distribution and advertiser interest. A branded content studio was floated, which offers brand storytelling opportunities across more than 100 print titles, 10 languages, associated websites and social media assets, with a combined reach of over 150 million.

With respect to distribution, a common accredited agency network was set up to improve availability, a technology-enabled subscription platform is being created for joint marketing programs and to leverage the vast network of newspaper delivery people for magazine sales, and worked with the Indian Post to develop a new efficient delivery solution for subscription copies.

Learn how the Association of Indian Magazines used the crisis as an opportunity to imagine new paradigms for rejuvenating the magazine sector.