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With the FIPP World Media Congress and our first First-Party Data Strategies seminar now done, we now turn our eyes to Media Makers Meet (Mx3), which will take place in Berlin in October.

Media Makers Meet (Mx3) is a new and exclusive event for European B2B and specialist media makers.

Media Makers Meet ( (Mx3) will take place in Berlin in October 2022. Di5rupt will organise and host the event in association with MVFP, the German Free Press Media Association.

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Specialist and B2B media serve very particular and passionate audiences across various markets. Yet, in a pan-European context, their needs are rarely the focus of international events.

Media Makers Meet (Mx3) is an exclusive, invitation-only event bringing together a select group of one hundred European industry professionals to discover the lessons, products, services and collaborations that will drive growth and longevity within their businesses.

It includes a top-level speaker programme, structured and informal networking and meeting opportunities.

Speakers will, by and large, come from Europe and the US. They will focus on significant strategic and practical challenges in the industry. Innovation will be the thread that ties sessions together. Among the more practical conversations, we will discuss content, data, revenues, people and technology.

Mx3 will have a select group of sponsors across the most crucial tech categories for B2B and specialist media, offering real value to the audience. Headline sponsors will get exclusive attention and, among other exclusives, the chance to lead dedicated break-out conversations focused on solving an industry challenge.

Not only will Mx3 strive to provide attendees with answers to critical questions and offer new business ideas, but it will also emphasise the opportunity to develop new relationships and rekindle and strengthen established ones.

We will reveal the venue in Berlin and the exact date in October soon. 

Register your interest here.

Contact Cobus Heyl ([email protected]) for programme and John Schlaefli ([email protected]) for sponsor opportunities.