At FIPP Congress 2023, Yulia will be wearing two hats. As the VP at The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) with a focus on the National Geographic Media portfolio, she will be sharing NatGeo’s strategy to transform some of their international media partnerships. Transformation is directed towards strengthening NatGeo’s global content hub with the best-in-class travel, adventure, wildlife, natural history content sourced from their local language editions partners, to continue expanding NatGeo’s global audience and diversifying storytelling.

As the chair of FIPP Yulia will also deliver a keynote referencing how the organisation is playing a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation of the media.

Yulia says “I am thrilled we have this remarkable forum – FIPP Congress – where biggest content brands can come together under FIPP’s leadership to discuss, debate, and establish effective ways of using – and governing -the various new technologies now available for expanding the canvass of our storytelling.”

In this interview Yulia talks about:

  • The challenges of AI-created content, but also how it might deliver opportunities for media companies to double down on what they do best
  • The potential of the Metaverse for developing new ways of storytelling
  • Why media companies need to prioritise investment in authentic storytelling, fact-checking, and journalistic ethics

At FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, on 6-8 June, Yulia will deliver a keynote addressing some of the many key issues that high-quality content producers are currently contending with

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Here she responds to our rapid-round questions.

Who are you? And what is your role in the media/publishing? 

I am a Vice President at The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) leading the strategy across International Media Partnerships, Visual Asset Management, and Content Operations for the National Geographic Media portfolio. I oversee the strategy and P&L for NG international media in 50 countries in 27 languages, as well as work in the transformation of our digital visual archive from legacy systems to state-of-the art technology to enable global storytelling.<