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“How can we create value with our media brands for advertising partners who no longer see value in just running ads?” 

It’s a complex time for brand’s marketing departments. The search and social based-advertising systems that have been at the heart of their strategies for over a decade now look a lot less appealing. 

There’s an existential question for brands as they weigh up the real value of actually investing in and creating advertising.

Someone who believes that this presents media companies with a significant opportunity is Jacqueline Loch, EVP Social & Emerging Platforms, SJC Media. 

In this interview Jacqueline talks about:

  • Why bespoke partnerships between media companies and brands is the way forward
  • The potential of shoppable content
  • Why brands need to continue their focus on diversifying revenue streams

At FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, on 6-8 June, Jacqueline will be discussing “The new value proposition model to develop scalable new revenue streams for authoritative media brands”

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Here she responds to our rapid-round questions.

Who are you? And what is your role in the media/publishing?

I’m an art college-educated media lover specialising in delivering multi-platform content solutions and ROI for advertisers across social media, digital, video, print, SEO, custom research and e-commerce. In my current role as EVP Social + Emerging Platforms, I work closely with SJC’s largest clients to deliver innovative cross-platform content solutions. SJC’s portfolio of premium consumer media brands includes Chatelaine, FASHION, Hello! Canada, Toronto Life, Maclean’s, Canadian Business and Today’s Parent.

My current focus is on developing new diversified revenue streams for our media business, the digital customer journey and content that converts to eCommerce.

Previously, I held the roles of VP Group Publisher at SJC Media and TC Media where I oversaw portfolios of consumer brands including FASHION, ELLE Canada, Canadian Living, and Style at Home, and held the roles of VP Content Solutions and VP Client Solutions at Rogers Media, where I launched and led Rogers award-winning Content Solutions division. I am also Board Chair for The Content Council in New York and a Board Member at the National Media Awards Foundation in Canada.

What have been the highlights of your career in media/publishing so far? 

With over 25 years of experience, I’ve become a revenue-generating branded content expert — and I have had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the publishing industry. Together, we have created many award-winning multi-platform content strategies for a range of clients including L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, VICHY, Walmart, LVMH, Hudson’s Bay, JOE FRESH, Shoppers Drug Mart, CHANEL, Air Miles, Canadian Tire and Rogers Communications.

Not one to shy away from innovation or a challenge — I have launched many first-to-market integrated media solutions. From Canada’s first webisodic reality beauty challenge with L’Oréal Canada, to Canada’s first shoppable videos with iconic Canadian retailer, Hudson’s Bay, all the way to live-streamed co-branded beauty features and live cover shoots to content that converts to eCommerce.

There was even a co-branded cover shoot at the height of Covid lockdown and protocols. The cover shoot featured L’Oréal Paris spokesmodel and supermodel Cindy Bruna in a Paris hotel with a safely-distanced photographer/videographer. At the same time, the creative director and fashion stylist were in Toronto and the principal photographer was in Buenos Aires. The makeup looks were keyed by L’Oréal’s International make-up artist from lockdown in London — and all of the “makeup” was applied in post-production retouching from Toronto for the final finished content for video, print and digital.  

One of the most inspiring parts of my media career is that I have had the honour of being a frequent speaker across at some incredible industry events across North America and Europe such as: FIPP World Media Congress (London and Lisbon), Digital Innovators Summit (Berlin), Content Marketing World (Cleveland), Content TECH Summit (San Diego), Content Marketing Association (London), Magazines Canada MAGNet (Toronto), MAGnify 2022 (Brussels) and the incredibly awe-inspiring and very, very fashionable ELLE International Conference (Versailles).

What do you see as the three key trends in the media?

From the perspective of revenue generation and business development, I see the following media trends:

  • The changing value proposition for media brands: How can we create value with our media brands for advertising partners who no longer see value in just running ads? Not only do advertisers find less value in campaigns that rely on traditional advertising models, they are not investing in developing creative assets to run in traditional advertising placements. Many clients are not making ad creative. Our value as media brands lies in our brand domain authority, our quality contributors, our quality content and our qualified audiences — this is the new value proposition. 
  • Shoppable content that converts to eCommerce or other digital “conversion events”: There is a tremendous opportunity for media brands to create shoppable content products — I see these as the digital version of old-school service journalism. 
  • Content Solutions: advertising brands are looking for discoverability, engagement and conversion — and they are looking for high-quality content solutions from media brands. Solutions that connect and engage with audiences in brand-safe content environments.  

Why are these trends important and how will they change media/publishing?

Advertising budgets have become less predictable and media buying cycles have drastically changed in the past few years — this has created a sea-change in how advertisers and media agencies work with media brands. 

How, what and when they buy has drastically changed with a focus that has shifted from traditional ad sales and the buying of traditional advertising to a focus on integrated content solutions. Advertisers are looking for integrations and partnerships with media brands that deliver value for them. Programs that deliver discoverability, engagement and conversion. 

The new media revenue model is based on the new value proposition for our brands — our domain authority, engaging content and ability to deliver and convert quality audiences, is our value proposition to advertisers. 

We can turn our quality audiences into customers, which is a compelling proposition.This is a drastically different model than the selling of traditional print and digital advertising. There is impact to both the sales team structure and skill sets required, and to traditional editorial teams — and the need to shift from transactional ad sales to consultative selling of content solutions based on engagement metrics. Opportunities lie in developing diversified revenue streams and in creating new digital-first offerings that are based on advertiser partner needs and that align with where marketing budgets have shifted to.

The customer journey has changed and there is an incredible opportunity for publishers to focus on content that converts to eCommerce. Shoppable content will uniquely position publishers in the eCommerce space. As publishers, our digital content is high-ranking, authoritative and highly discoverable — that combined with the ability to communicate with consumers via first-party data and large opt-in audiences makes for an exciting future.

Anything else you’d like to tell Congress delegates?

There is a tremendous opportunity for publishing brands to approach the new media brand value proposition and revenue generation from a “beyond the traditional rate card” perspective. 

Publishers have highly valuable first party opt-in databases, exceptionally high domain authority, and understand how to engage with audiences with relevant and high quality content — we can deliver what advertisers are looking for, discoverability, engagement and conversion

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