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The Media Entrepreneur Meetup has launched a new chapter for Specialist and Passion-led Media Companies. It will be hosted by Andrea Davies, B2B Practice Lead with Collingwood Advisory and former Group Managing Director with TI Media.

Andrea will also be one of our stage moderators at the upcoming FIPP World Congress in Cascais, Portugal. Congress is organised and hosted by Di5rupt.

The Media Entrepreneur Meetup is a global group of 400+ Founders and CEOs of independent media, events and information companies. The new b2c Media Entrepreneur Meetup community has been created for business owners in specialist, passion-led and consumer media, events and that interesting place where influencers, communities and publishing converge.

Learn more and sign up here for the London b2c meet-up on 15 June in London.

“We began hosting the Media Entrepreneur Meetup because, having launched, built and sold businesses ourselves, we saw how important it was for entrepreneurs to share ideas, support each other and network in person and virtually,” said Piers Bearne, Co-host of the Media Entrepreneur Meetup. “It’s been fantastic to see the community grow to over 400 members who have the opportunity to regularly meet and connect with their fellow Founders to discuss the issues that are most important to them. Particularly during the pandemic, we saw how supportive and valuable this community is.”

‘It’s such an exciting time for specialist media with new technologies and formats opening up a mix of revenue opportunities”, said Andrea Davies. “These business owners are united by their drive to connect their audience with their passion. We are definitely seeing a shift from the single business model to a more diverse playbook and with that, convergence across specialist media as business owners look to deepen their engagement with their audience and provide more meaningful interactions for commercial partners. The Meetup will provide an opportunity for CEOs and Founders to discuss issues and share strategic insight as they navigate a rapidly changing landscape of new technologies, data and content analytics practices.”

Sign-up for the first b2c meetup

The first b2c Media Entrepreneur Meetup will take place on 15th June 2022, 17.30-19.30 at The Boudoir Bar, Bar Soho, 23-25 Compton Street, London, with a stellar lineup of special guests, including Oswin Grady, Publishing Director at Kelsey Media; Mike Seaman, Founder and CEO at Raccoon Events; and Nicole Cooper, Managing Director at Touchpoint Live Media.

Learn more and sign up here.

About the Media Entrepreneur Meetup

The Media Entrepreneur Meetup is a global group of 400+ Founders and CEOs of independent events, media and subscriptions companies. The community co-hosts hold quarterly virtual Meetups, curate dynamic discussion groups across WhatsApp and Guild, and have a growing resource library for members. Members have dedicated threads on topics from strategy to tech selection, and can connect with peers as well as build their network across the media and information community.


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