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Early in 2023, we will release an in-depth special report and recorded video interviews discussing “strategies (for publishers) for navigating an economic downturn”. 

The report is our second under our new Mx3 (Media Makers Meet) brand.

With Big Tech announcing layoffs in their thousands and several media companies following suit, the Mx3 Leadership report aims to provide insights from several decision-makers on sustainable strategies for 2023 and take-outs against which to benchmark your business’s readiness for the year. 

Apart from the written special report, we will also provide readers of the report access to the interview recordings, should you want to listen more in-depth to any of our interviewees.

For the report, we have interviews in the bag with the following people:

  • Will Page, Author of Tarzan Economics, Co-host of the Bubble Trouble podcast, and former Chief Economist of Spotify; 
  • Reed Phillips, CEO, OAKLINS, DeSilva and Phillips;
  • Sarah McConville, EVP and Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review;
  • Nicki Murphy, Group CEO, The River Group;
  • Martin Weese, COO, Burda International; and
  • Kerin O’Connor, Founder, Atlas;
  • All expertly interviewed by Charlotte Ricca for Di5rupt, with the report written by our freelance colleague Ashley Norris.

We will also have interviews with some leaders in the media-tech space, discussing how technologies can help improve efficiencies and productivity. Confirmed interviews include:

  • Henrique Saias, Technology Evangelist, Paperview – offering micro- and vertical theme-based payments solutions to publishers;
  • Erik Kammerzelt, CEO, Parameter1 – offering a scalable platform including content management, identity management, native advertising and lead generation solutions; and
  • With a few more to come.

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Mx3 Berlin Special Report – Now Available

Read our free Mx3 Berlin post-event special report in the meantime. It covers some of the main talking points discussed at the event, which focused on specialist media verticals. Download the report here (with free registration). 

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Headline topics in the Mx3 Leadership report

The report will cover topics such as cash and cost management, product and revenue innovation and diversification, customer focus and company morale and culture.

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