Mx3 Collectif is our exclusive strategic partner community that brings together industry technology leaders, media advisors and other service providers to connect with industry leaders and add their voices to industry conversations.

Mx3 Collectif

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We are excited to introduce our MVP for our new Mx3 Collectif community. By joining Mx3 Collectif, you can benefit from benefits that will help drive your industry recognition and business forward. Mx3 Collectif is our exclusive partner community. Read here for more on Mx3 Collectif. Contact Di5rupt co-founder John Schlaefi at [email protected] to add your voice to and benefit from our activities in the community.

Content-to-commerce platform

Affilizz is a ground-breaking SaaS platform that helps tier-1 content media businesses drive purchase intent. Affilizz tools empower content publishers, from influencers to international media groups, to craft top-notch content-to-commerce experiences while boosting sales for affiliation platforms and brands.

Headless CMS & Services for Media

Glide is a content management platform for publishers and media companies with high output of content which allows them to focus on creating more and better content and on increasing revenues.

Media Advisory

HBM Advisory works with its publisher clients to help them unlock the full potential of their digital content. Co-founders Michael Brunt and Alan Hunter have decades of experience in digital publishing with companies such as The Times and Sunday Times and The Economist.

M&A Advisory
We are investment bankers for technology, media and marketing companies. For nearly three decades we have helped our clients unlock billions of dollars in value through M&A.

Business Travel Partner
Savile Row Travel was created to service both high-end leisure clientele and the business world. Many of our clients use us for both their own private holidays and their long-haul business travel because they see the value in giving one company their yearly travel plans.

Research Platform & Advisory

Syno International provides clients with a consumer research platform and related services that enable them to efficiently collect data and make better business decisions.

Content curation & distribution platform

The Content Exchange is a one-stop platform for sourcing quality stories from top publishers worldwide. As a global leader in content syndication, TCE works with over 85 publishers and houses almost 500,000 stories in 29 different languages offering something for everyone.

Data Services and Advisory
For over 12 years, we have provided bespoke B2B data services to help businesses grow. We work with a wide range of organisations, from financial services and pharmaceutical companies to event organisers, publishers and other media.

Gen Z Advisory
We are a media agency that helps publishers worldwide to find new storytelling formats to attract and retain young audiences. We connect young audiences with publishers by making sure the news content matches the young readers’ expectations.