Matthias Bauer (Mx3 Berlin)
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Matthias Bauer heads up VOGEL Communications in Germany, the group where he started his professional career as a Junior Controller.

He will be one of our speakers at Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin), an off-the-record international event dedicated to B2B and Special Interest media verticals. 

Mx3 Berlin takes place on 19-20 October at Fabrik 23, not far from the city centre of Berlin. Below, we asked Matthias to tell us more about himself and what he sees as the main challenges and opportunities for the sector.

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Back to Matthias.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m a family guy and love to spend time with my two kids. Besides this, I love playing golf.

Tell us about your earlier career.

I graduated in 2005 with a degree in business administration. At that time, I started working at VOGEL as a Junior Controller. Soon after, I began in the newly founded Vogel Future Group as a Project Manager in strategic corporate development.

Beginning in 2010, I had a great experience studying for two years at the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation — in the Executive MBA program in “Media Management ” — in Würzburg, Berlin, Milan and New York. 

After that, I took on several functions in the company’s strategic corporate development. What really expanded my network and shaped my management skills was my time spent in Berlin, when I helped build up several agencies and the venture business at the VOGEL Berlin location.

Tell us about your current role.

In 2017, I was appointed CEO of the VOGEL Communications Group. In 2020, I also became Chairman of the Management Board. I’m responsible for developing the group of companies and for marketing and sales. Starting in 2021, I’m also responsible for the strategic and operational management of the trade media and product divisions as Chief Product Officer.

What are the main challenges for B2B/specialist media verticals?

The change in the world of communication is dramatic. Companies must improve their external AND internal business communication to build their future in a digitalized post-Covid world. That means: We at VOGEL follow the communication budgets of our customers, not only their declining media budgets. Our approx hundred B2B media have to support companies with successful transformation.

What are the main opportunities for B2B/specialist media verticals?

B2B Media has relevant content for professional experts in their operating markets. It has the perfect channels and content formats. With this, B2B media can support the development of companies: information and communication are the keys to transforming their business.


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Mx3 Berlin is an English-medium international event on 19 & 20 October, hosted at Fabrik23 in Berlin, Germany

It is off-the-record, allowing participants to freely speak their minds about challenges, opportunities and solutions for the sector. It will include fireside chats, panel discussions, round tables, and networking opportunities. 

  • See the draft agenda here
  • See the speakers so far confirmed here

Attendance will be limited to one hundred participants to ensure a highly interactive, participatory event where speakers and attendees contribute alike to the success of the event.

Di5rupt organises and hosts the event with Deutsche Fachpresse, the German B2B Media Association, and MVFP, the German Free Press Media Association (previously VDZ), as the local media partner. Read more about the organisers here.