Jeremy Leslie
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magCulture founder Jeremy Leslie will speak at the FIPP World Media Congress in a session titled, “Print’s luxury future”. He spoke to FIPP ahead of the event taking place from 7-9 June in Cascais, Portugal, explaining what independent magazines can teach mainstream publishing.

Congress tickets are available until 25 May (or until when we reach capacity, if earlier). Sign up here.

“The growth of the indies has reminded the mainstream publishers of the strengths of the magazine format: knowing what your speciality is and building tight relationships with a smaller group of readers that share that interest. Quality, not quantity!”

Fifteen years ago it seemed as though the writing was on the wall for print magazines, usurped as key purveyors of information and entertainment by the instant and addictive charms of websites, blogs and social media, he told Ashley Norris. Yet since then, print magazines as a format have proved to be incredibly resilient. Many of the big mainstream titles continue to thrive while the indie sector is booming with hundreds of new titles launched across the globe every year.

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