Ahead of the FIPP World Media Congress, our colleagues at FIPP spoke to Jacqueline Loch, SJC’s EVP of Customer Innovation about “shoppable content” and why she believes we are only at the start of publishers’ e-commerce journey.

Jacquie is a leading content strategy and media executive in Canada and the US, specialising in delivering multi-platform content solutions across social, digital, video, print, SEO, research and e-commerce. She is one of the continent’s foremost branded content experts and works closely with SJC’s largest clients to create innovative cross-platform content solutions that deliver on revenue goals. Through this, she has also been at the forefront of developing SJP’s “shoppable content” play and is one of the most credible “content+commerce” voices in the publishing world.

Here she speaks about e-commerce, publishing in a bi-lingual country and what excites her about the fast-approaching cookie-less world (see more about this below): https://www.fipp.com/news/shoppable-content-st-josephs-on-why-this-is-just-the-start-of-the-e-commerce-journey-for-publishers/.

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Just announced:

Join us for a First Party Data Strategies seminar on 7 June at the Congress Campus in Cascais. Here are the basic details, with more to be announced soon.