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Collaboration is one of the main opportunities for local B2B and special interest media, says Julian von Eckartsberg, MD: Europe, Burda Principal Investments.

Julian will be one of our speakers at Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin) on 19 & 20 October, where he will speak about trends and investment opportunities in media and tech, including what media can learn from tech businesses. Below, he answers five quick questions as part of our Mx3 Berlin Meet the Speaker series.

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With that done, let’s get back to our questions for Julian.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m a German guy who has lived half of his life outside my home country in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and the US. Apart from travelling, I love doing sports and spending time with my family and friends at the lake. While I’ve been working in media for many years, I now am a venture capital investor, (unfortunately) mainly investing outside of media.

Tell us about your earlier career.

I started my career in management consulting, focusing on developing digital transformation strategies for media companies. It brought me to several European broadcasters, media, publishers, advertising agency networks, telcos and online companies. After founding a startup with mediocre success, I joined ProSiebenSat.1, where I became responsible for the group’s strategy department after a few years. Before moving into venture capital, I was the CEO of Stylight, a venture of ProSieben and General Atlantic.

Tell us about your current role.

As a venture capital investor, I constantly look for exceptional management teams and scalable, high-growth companies with the potential for global category leadership. While I look for investments all over Europe, I personally currently am focusing on the German and Baltic markets. Burda Principal Investments has invested in companies such as Vinted, Bloom& Wild, Carsome, Nord Security and Zapp.

What are the main challenges for B2B/special interest media verticals?

Challenges that I often see as an investor include the dependency on giants like Meta or Google to attract audiences, the competition from these and other giants with typically deep pockets for the same audiences, a really sustainably differentiating user value proposition, and challenging monetisation that often is even additionally threatened by European regulation.

What are the main opportunities for B2B/special interest media verticals?

There are plenty of opportunities, but one that instantly comes to my mind is the cooperation among the local media companies that have valuable, unique and attractive content but individually lack scale and currently don’t even talk to each other.

About Media Makers Meet (Mx3 Berlin)

Mx3 Berlin is an English-medium international event on 19 & 20 October, hosted at Fabrik23 in Berlin, Germany

It is off-the-record, allowing participants to freely speak their minds about challenges, opportunities and solutions for the sector. It will include fireside chats, panel discussions, round tables, and networking opportunities. 

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