Catarina Carvalho
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Our FIPP colleague Ashley Norris spoke to Catarina Carvalho ahead of the FIPP World Media Congress, taking place from 7-9 June in Cascais, Portugal, where she will be one of more than 50 speakers.

Previously an editor at Portugal’s oldest newspaper, Catarina took the plunge into media entrepreneurship, co-founding local news startup Mensagem.

In this exclusive interview, she explains the rationale behind Mensagem, underlines the importance of community-based media.

She explains the unique traits that people from editorial backgrounds bring to leadership positions, or, alternatively, why non-journalist media leaders need a good appreciation of content.

Catarina also shares her thoughts on the monetisation of local media, and why Lisbon has become a startup hotbed.

Read the full interview here.

The speaker programme for Congress is here (note, it remains subject to change):

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