Specialist media businesses are thriving by serving consumer and professional communities around topics of interest. It is a bustling, agile sector with creator-led, consumer and B2B media.

Even news organisations are developing and acquiring media for specialist communities – for example, The New York Times’s acquisition of The Athletic. Business models are replicated in new areas– for example, Vogue’s launch of Vogue Business. And enthusiasts and expert creators are serving communities through vibrant Substacks, podcasts and more.

We call it “media for communities”.

Today, we are launching our latest Mx3 Leadership report. It focuses on “Specialist Media Innovators in Europe”.

The 43-page independent report, supported by Glide Publishing Platform and Syno International, is free to download.

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The report includes 20 company profiles of innovators from 13 countries, from digital startups to established publishers. It has 6 in-depth interviews, including the full interviews on video, and results from a survey of 56 European media leaders.

7 ideas and strategies

In the report, we identify 7 ideas and strategies from the profiled innovators to employ in your business. They include ideas on:

  • Audience
  • Content
  • Product
  • Events and communities
  • Marketing
  • Subscriptions
  • Technology

Innovator profiles

We profile companies such as Agri Media (Netherlands), Alternative Economiques (France), Bonnier (Sweden), Dennik N (Slovakia), Henneo (Spain), Karger (Switzerland), Landswirtschaftsverlag (Germany), Mensagem (Portugal), Roularta Healthcare (Belgium), TU Media (Norway), William Reed (UK), Wolves Summit (Poland), Zetland (Denmark), and more.

Quantitative results

The report includes charts with results from our quantitative survey of 56 business leaders, zoning in on questions relating to, for example revenue streams, investment categories, and challenges and opportunities.

The Mx3 Leadership report on “Specialist Media Innovators in Europe” forms part of our commitment to the specialist media sector, that is, those media producers and their tech enablers serving well-defined communities of interest.

Download the report here

Our commitment includes Media Makers Meet (an Mx3 event) focused on the media-for-communities sector (see the 2022 edition at mx3berlin.com). Follow us on LinkedInfor news on the 2024 edition, coming soon.

~ Cobus Heyl & John Schlaefli, Co-founders, Di5rupt