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At the FIPP Congress 2023 in Cascais, Portugal, delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives from FIPP’s partner companies.

Here is a quick primer Q and A with Steve Chapman, SVP, PressReader Group and Nikolay Malyarov, CEO International, PressReader Group

Who are you and what do you do within your company?

We have two attendees: Steve Chapman, SVP, PressReader Group. I lead the different teams within PressReader that work with content creators, media companies and publishers worldwide for our PressReader platform and our award-winning white-label tech division, Branded Editions.  I also help shape the Group’s overall operations, brand and culture, engage with multiple industry bodies, and seek out new tools and efficiencies that drive incremental value for the company and our partners.

Nikolay Malyarov, CEO International, PressReader Group. I drive the continued growth of PressReader International, our Irish entity with a global footprint, and am on the lookout for new strategically important opportunities for our Group overall. I represent the Group as the Industry Partner of World Travel & Tourism Council and also serve on the Management Board of FIPP.

What does your company do? What type of businesses do you help/work with?

PressReader Group is a rapidly growing technology company that partners with leading publishers and media companies worldwide to deliver high-quality content to millions of readers globally. Our close partnerships with over 14,000 newspapers, magazines, and educational publications guarantee a rich and diverse selection of top-notch content. Through our extensive network of business partners spanning 150 countries, we connect individuals from all corners of the world with the content that truly resonates with them.

Our flagship product, PressReader, is the largest digital platform for all-you-can-read newspapers and magazines, granting users access to thousands of titles from over 120 countries, including renowned publications like The Economist, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Vanity Fair.
Users can choose between subscribing to unlimited reading or accessing the platform through our international brand partners in various industries, including hospitality, libraries, aviation, marine and more. These strategic partnerships offer publishers unparalleled global reach and innovative channels to engage readers on every continent. Notable partners include British Airways, Turkish Airways, Iberia, Accor Hotels, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Holland America Line, MSC, the Science Centre in Antartica, and the New York Public Library.

In addition, we power Branded Editions, an award-winning technology used by prestigious titles for their digital editions and mobile apps. This empowers publishers to deliver captivating and interactive content formats, enhancing the reader experience and keeping up with digital trends.

Our platform goes beyond content consumption, actively facilitating brand engagement and connections between publishers, readers, and business partners. By leveraging data-driven insights and innovative technologies, we empower publishers to effectively engage their audience, optimise monetisation strategies, and strengthen their brand presence.

At PressReader, we are on a mission to empower and enrich curious minds by bringing a universe of quality content within reach. Through our extensive publisher network, global partnerships, and data-driven solutions, we connect individuals worldwide with quality content, fostering knowledge, curiosity, and engagement.

What type of people/companies are you hoping to meet?

We are looking forward to meeting with publishers and media companies across the spectrum who are actively seeking to reach a global audience, interested in discussing industry trends, and working on addressing issues facing our space such as AI, piracy, and more. In addition, we are eager to engage with content creators who are interested in leveraging technologies to digitize their content and enhance user engagement. This includes discussions around interactive and immersive formats, personalised experiences, and cutting-edge digital solutions that can transform the way content is consumed and experienced.

Additionally, we are keen to meet individuals and companies who value the importance of gaining valuable insights into end-users of all types. Publishers and media partners who are focused on understanding their audience, analysing user behavior, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimise their content and offerings are of great interest to us, and we enjoy engaging in these discussions from both a strategic and tactical standpoint.

What do you think will be the key topics of conversation around the Congress?

We expect a key conversation at Congress to revolve around publishers’ opportunities and challenges in relation to AI and evolving digital technologies. This includes discussions on how publishers can harness AI to enhance content creation, delivery, monetisation and personalisation, as well as the implications and potential disruption of AI in the publishing industry.

Beyond this, we expect monetisation strategies and new or changing business models to continue to be discussed. With the changing landscape of digital publishing, publishers and those close to the industry are constantly exploring new ways to monetise their content and diversify their revenue streams. Finally, audience engagement is also expected to be a key focus. Our content partners, and indeed those across the publishing and media landscapes are increasingly seeking ways to connect with their audience, build loyal communities, and deliver content that resonates with their readers. It is only through meaningful interaction, discussion and non-biased research that we can ensure that collaboratively we are facilitating desirable audience and customer engagement (understanding that the audience and the customer may be different in how content is consumed in today’s world).

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