At the FIPP Congress 2023 in Cascais, Portugal, delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives from FIPP’s partner companies.

Here is a quick primer Q and A with Jan Thoresen, CEO Labrador CMS

Who are you and what do you do within your company?

I am the CEO of Labrador CMS. Our team comes from media, as developers, editors, reporters and project managers. We know the common pain points in the industry and suggest solutions based on best practice. We help magazines and newspapers grow faster.

What does your company do? What type of businesses do you help/work with?

The publishing industry have common global challenges as the print decline are accelerating. Media groups come to us with their homebuilt CMS that has functionality that lags behind, or they have some kind of general-purpose CMS that are tweaked to fit media production. We only do media. Labrador CMS are now live with 250 newspapers and magazines in 9 countries, they publish 2000 articles a day and we 2 billion pageviews a month. All of them are moved to a Cloud native SaaS setup with integrated AI functionality and visual editing tools.

Labrador CMS come with a refreshing new approach. We don’t stop at headless. Yes, we do headless, APIs, JSONs and XMLs. But we also include javascript rendering, template engines, developer training and a complete development environment for special content. We do your articles and front pages. You add your content and insert your tech-magic. We call it “Beyond Headless”.

And yes we connect to common print systems as well.

What type of people/companies are you hoping to meet?

Labrador CMS receives a lot of attention now. Come to see our AI Reporter Assist or to discuss complex workflows. Check how many seconds it takes to publish a breaking news story or see how our customers use the built-in scrollytelling effects. We have the best frontpage editor on the market. Come and check out why.

What do you think will be the key topics of conversation around the Congress?

* Business models that actually work, daring to charge for great content

* Expedited rollout of AI in a responsible way to the entire staff.

* The accelerated decline in print due to paper and transportation costs, turns every newsroom to a digital-first workflow

* Mobile-first publishing

Further opportunities

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