At the FIPP Congress 2023 in Cascais, Portugal, delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives from FIPP’s partner companies.

Here is a quick primer Q and A with Daniela Sola, CEO  Reworld Media Italia.

Who are you and what do you do within your company?

Daniela Sola, CEO  Reworld Media Italia. I manage the Italian operations of RM Italia, the Italian subsidiary of Reworld Media, a leading mediatech group in France. Founded in January 2023, following the acquisition of the print and digital activities of the Grazia and Icon brands,  the newco oversees also the international development of the two iconic brands.

What does your company do? What type of businesses do you help/work with?  

Reworld Media Italia is focused on print, digital and experiences in the Italian country and is also actively working in the publishing licensing industry. Thanks to the headquarters in France, Reworld Media Italia is also able to offer media and tech opportunities to third-party companies (from content to commerce to social media management, as well as audience tech tools and affiliation and performance marketing).

What type of people/companies are you hoping to meet?

Mainly publishers, potential business partners

What do you think will be the key topics of conversation around the Congress?

Digital and international  development, tech, social media, and industry challenges

Further opportunities

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Learn more about Reworld Media here