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At the upcoming World Media Congress, audio and video will be one of the focus areas in the speaker programme.

Here are some examples of what you can expect on the two topics.


Making podcasts pay

Podcast CPMs (cost per thousand) have gone through the roof since the pandemic, with 80% of publishers saying they will be putting more resources into podcasts. The FT has successfully attracted new audiences globally who weren’t previously familiar with the brand or content by developing an audio strategy that appeals to both niche and broad listeners. Learn how they launched numerous audio initiatives driving advertisers, sponsors and subscribers. Alastair will discuss what content lives better in audio, making podcasts part of subscriber loyalty and retention, how to exploit the commercial opportunities and, of course, make money. Finally, he will share his thoughts on the future for publishers in the podcast space. SPEAKER: Alastair Mackie, Head of Digital Development, Financial Times, UK

Local Appetites for Listening

Audio is the fastest-growing format in publishing, and creators are making the most of the medium’s unique emotional intimacy to create powerful performances that touch the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere. Susan Jurevics, Head of International at Audible, in conversation with James Hewes, President & CEO at FIPP, will discuss the exponential growth in listening and how audio storytelling captivates audiences and builds fanbases around the world. People’s appetites for locally relevant content in their language continue to grow and Susan will provide insight into how Audible creates elevated audio programming through innovation and investment in local creative talent. SPEAKER: Susan Jurevics, Head of International, Audible, USA.

How Tortoise Media slowed down news but accelerated audio and membership growth

Join us as Katie takes us on a journey, from conceptualising Tortoise Media as a slow-news, newsletter and member-driven organisation to where it is today – an award-winning, audio first newsroom with 55,000 paid for members. SPEAKER: Katie Vanneck-Smith, Co-founder, Tortoise Media, UK


How SANDOW Design Group developed a video streaming platform to complement their architecture and design media brands

In March of 2020, SANDOW Design Group launched DesignTV by SANDOW, an online video programming special featuring interviews with the top minds in architecture and design. In two years, the platform has evolved into a full-fledged streaming platform, serving as a hub for product launches from the largest A&D brands, trade show coverage, home tours, and much more. SPEAKERS: Erica Holborn, CEO, and Bobby Bonett, EVP, Digital and Strategic Growth, Sandow Design Group, USA

How the 96-year-old Vikatan Group found gold for its magazines in video

The Vikatan Group is a diversified media powerhouse, renowned for its much-loved magazines, immensely popular television and OTT content and India’s largest Tamil internet destination. Srini will share his experiences on how the pandemic jumpstarted mobile journalism and its video-first approach to driving social engagement for its magazines. Learn how Vikatan harnessed the power of video to drive online growth. SPEAKER: Srini Balasubramanian, MD, Vikatan Group, India

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