The value of the FIPP World Media Congress lies not only in its speaker programme, but also – especially this year after two years’ of only virtual events – the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from around the world.

At Congress 2022 in pretty Cascais, Portugal, you will meet attendees from at least 25 countries (and counting), most of them in senior decision-making positions. Below 9 of our speakers explain why they think you should join them at Congress.


The reasons range from:

  • Learning, to
  • Meeting and networking with old and new connections, to
  • Deal-making, and to
  • Having some fun while in sunny Portugal, too.

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Here’s what our speakers say.

1. Reconnect, reboot, and re-energize

Over the last two years the world has been hit by crisis after crisis, affecting all of us. It’s time to gather in a safe space to reconnect, reboot, and re-energize around a real movement to strengthen our businesses and the media industry as a whole. The FIPP World Media Congress is precisely that space, where our industry’s best minds will come together to challenge each other, surprise each other, and motivate each other for regeneration and growth. – Yulia Boyle, National Geographic.

2. Timing is everything

This is a moment of opportunity. The world is emerging into a very different place.  And timing is everything.  Those who can seize this moment will find huge momentum to transform.  Can’t think of a better place, programme, and group of people to ensure this happens. Great timing FIPP & Di5rupt! – Prof Lucy Küng, Author, Speaker, Advisor and Board Member.

3. A mini-MBA in media

Over the decades this Congress has become a must-attend get-together for anyone looking for hands-on, case study-based innovations to an industry desperate for innovation in business models, in storytelling and in tech – a mini-MBA on Innovation in Media.  – Juan Señor, INNOVATION Media Consulting.

4. International deals to be made

As someone who has attended the FIPP World Media Congress for the past 13 years, I have found the conference to be the only one of its kind where you can network and exchange ideas with executives from many of the biggest traditional and digital media players in the world. From India to Germany and beyond, some of my biggest international business development deals originated from the World Congress. I have the FIPP Congress to thank for this. – Angie Byun, AB World.

5. Connect and network, listen and learn

For me, it is the opportunity to meet and connect with the industry’s top thought leaders and to hear first-hand about the industry’s hottest trends. I am excited to hear how Publishers are adapting to the acceleration of digital transformation and new opportunities in audience development, eCommerce, and the future of revenue generation. – Jacquie Loch, St. Joseph’s Media.

6. Peek into the future, work and play

For me, the FIPP World Media Congress has been a showcase of survival, a hotbed of innovation, a sandbox of creativity and a confluence of the most happening minds in the media industry. Like me, if you are a media entrepreneur, professional or even an avid observer, I would recommend you attend the conference. Networking during the Congress is second to none and there is equal attention to work and play. Takeaways from the Congress are always a step into the future, and I look forward to taking that peek into that crystal ball, yet again, this June! – Srini Balasubramanian, Ananda Vikatan.

7. Connect to build a sustainable industry

FIPP World Congress is the event that should be in the diaries of every media executive and those who care about the present and future of quality journalism. By learning what works and what doesn’t, we can get inspired to excel in what we do. From being able to meet up in person with like-minded colleagues for the first time in over two years, re-discovering the serendipity of human connection, to sharing views and ideas for what content creation and distribution look like going forward, the Congress is the place where we work together on ensuring sustainability of our industry and reducing the profoundly negative effects of the infodemic. – Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader.

 8. An opportunity to meet, share ideas across borders again

I’m Swiss, and we had a kind of Freedom Day here [recently]. The restrictions around Covid have been largely lifted, and everywhere I look, I see only happy faces. People are happy to get a big piece of normality back finally… I think that is the central theme of this Congress, too. The anticipation of all the colleagues I talk to is to be able to exchange ideas again in a beautiful place in Portugal. The anticipation is enormous. [Moreover,] organisations such as FIPP play a central role in opinion-forming with the conversations it generates at events such as Congress. [It is] to provide insight into business models and more that you might not find in your market in your own country, but which are already working very well in other markets. It dramatically broadens the horizon, and all will undoubtedly benefit from this. – Ralph Büchi, Axel Springer.

9. Meet old friends and make new

The FIPP World Media Congress is quite simply unmissable. The chance to hear from the industry’s leading voices and network with publishing executives from across the world is not to be missed. The 2022 Congress sees a return to in-person after more than 2 years of virtual activity and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some crucial new connections after too many years stuck behind screens. I look forward to seeing you there! – James Hewes, FIPP.

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Congress at a glance:

  • Agenda with two speaker stages and a workshop area
  • More than 60 leading industry speakers
  • Access to session recordings after the event
  • Attendees from at least 25 countries
  • Two leading publisher and tech expo areas
  • Two smoothie and networking bars
  • Two evening networking events
  • Networking coffee and lunches
  • Dedicated meeting spaces
  • The Pugpig running/walking club
  • VIP lunches and dinners
  • FIPP board and Congress speaker lounge
  • Delegate free time to explore Cascais
  • Wonderful scenery
  • Sunshine (fingers crossed!)

Join us in Cascais!